Start-Up Cell

Start-Up Cell


The Start-Up Cell of REC Bijnor has been established with the objective of creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. It plays a vital role to provide the practical exposure to the students by providing them hands-on-experience. Such initiatives lead towards market expansion and job creation.

The focus of Cell is to motivate students to work on their innovative ideas and to participate in various competitions. The Cell also focuses on organizing guest lectures, workshops and trainings for the students & is committed to build a strong platform for the budding entrepreneurs. The vision is to guide the students to take entrepreneurship as a career, as a path to success, as a journey of wisdom.

A team of faculty members is dedicated for the smooth functioning of the Start-Up Cell. Faculty members also focus on attending various training programs related to entrepreneurship and Start-Up activities & guide the students to work on their innovative ideas.


Details of Faculty Members


Sr. No.   Name      Designation     Department       Position      Email-Id       Contact No.

  1. Er. Suneel Kumar , Assistant Professor , Electrical Engineering , Coordinator ,  ,9458547090


  1. Er. Abhishek Chauhan , Assistant Professor , Electrical Engineering,  Member , , 9896020767
  2. Er. Vivek Kumar Jaiswal , Assistant Professor , Information Technology , Member ,  8789640525


  1. Er. Mohammad Haroon , Assistant Professor , Civil Engineering Member , , 9760252420